How to Laminate Document?

How to Laminate Paper?

Laminating is an easy work, keep your document in the laminating pouches, heat the machine before you insert your document through the machine. make sure you have choose a right pouch with the size just nice.

There are different pouches size in the market, suit to your driving license size/name card size, 4R photo size, A4 papar size and etc. Buy the correct size and insert your document inside the pouch. with the edge around 3-5 mm each side is good size for your document.

If you still not sure how to do? refer the video below

If you have a laminating machine which not able to set the temperature, what should you do? It is easy, lower temperature always better than high temperature, you can always laminate through the machine twice with apply low temperature. Remember to always keep low!!

We have variuos type of Laminating Machines; at the moment shows on the site is TIMI TL 330, TIMI MQ-230 and TIMI FDA3-330c

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