Meiji 8000V5 Guard Tour System

New Meiji 8000V5 Guard Tour System is an updating product with Pogo pin connector instead of the
normal USB port which makes the device more guard proof and water proof. With special water proof
pad and adhesive, the reader can work in the water. Furthermore, up to 60,000 records can be stored
before the next download of data.
New Meijl 8000V5 works with RFID tags. With a simple non-contact swpe, the reader can read information
from the tags and then upload all the petrol records by a Pogo pin connecting cable to the management
software in a computer to generate reports on the guards' patrolling activities.




Supervising of guards
Supervising of service producers
Monitoring service (.e, stocking vending machines)
Supervision of personnel work time and place
Airport protection and supervision of workers
Warehouse systems (identification)
Police patrolling
Military patrolling
Nurses’ daily rounds
Remote equipment inspections and maintenance

Technical Information

Dimensions :144 mmx 47mm x 30mm
Working Frequency :125KHz
Operating Temperature :-45 to +85 C
Memory :4Mb Flash ROM
Storage Capacity :Up to 60,000 records
Battry :3.7 V rechargeable battery (800mAh)
Signal Card Detection :Auto induction card reading
Card Reading Distance :3-5cm
Communication :Pogo pin connecting cable (57600 BPS)
4,000 records per minute
Weight :227g

For more information
please call : 603-4296 6163
WhatsApp: 016-2221620

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