How to Use Wire-O Binding Machine

This is the wire-o Binding machine and it wire.

Wire-o Binding Machine


wire-o ring


For different thickness of your documents, apply different size wire. It is always mention in the box that contain wire. Wire usually come in two colour, it is black or white. ( so far havent seen other colour yet.)

Binding Guide (thick)


Binding Guide (Less thick)


As shown on the picture above, for book 135 sheets paper, need a wire with diameter 16mm, or a document thickness of 75 sheets of 80gms paper, it needs 9.5mm diameter wire. This guide always come on the wire that you purchase. Therefore, no need to worry on what diameter to buy, just need to know that what is your document thickness.

If you are using older version of the machine, you will find the guide on your machine.

Guide on Machine- Size of wire


Old version of Wire-O Binding Machine

Guide on how the pitch is


how to bind?

When you purchase your first Wire-o Binding Machine, please remember to look for those hole adjustable machine, you can decide how many holes you want to punch, then the fix type. Although the price is slightly higher, but it worth the price.

adjustable holes selection








After you select the number of holes, punch your paper. Select the correct size of wire, and put your wire inside the hole. REMEMBER, your back cover always put on first page with you insert your wire. It is use as a lock to lock the ring later on.

After you have insert the ring, put it to the ‘locker’ to lock the ring.

Old type machine-choose report thickness


New version Machine- it is built-in ‘locker’

Adjust report thickness


For the old version, you need to choose the thickness for the report by changing the direction of locker. However for the new version, it is built-in and you only need to choose the size by moving it (white color arrow) to the left and right.





After you have lock the ring, remember to try a few time, do it slowly to adjust and make sure you bind a round ring and not oval shape. After the ring is done, move the back cover from first page to last page, then you will see the ring will not move around and been locked firmly.

Wire-o Binding Report

Our Binding Machines have TIMI Comb Binding 118 and TIMI Star Comb Binding.


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