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How to fix your own Time Recorder?

Know some tips on how to settle the small problem? if the machine stuck? or the timer run? run out of punch card? Click here to find out more!


How to laminate?

Many people not sure how to laminate their lovely pictures or documents without bubble inside. To know more? Click here!


How many type of binding machine for your report?

Prefer to have wire-o bind or comb bind? What is the different? How many size of ring available? To know more, click here!


Time recorder and electronic attendance system, which one suit my needs?

I am looking for Time recorder, or electronic attendance system, what is the different between these two machines? Which one should I buy and what is the pro and con of it? Click here to find out more!


What should know for my Shredder Machine?

People always wonder what is cross cut and strip cut. What should I know before buying? What else I need to know before I purchase one? some tips on how to choose your shredder machine. To out more here!