Type of Shredder Machine


When you want to buy a shredder machine, what will you consider?

  • speed
  • type of cut
  • storage (litre)
  • size
  • how noisy the machine is
  • $$

those above may be your consideration.

Let talk about type of cutting, there are two type of cutting, cross cut and strip cut. This is how it looks like

cross cut


strip cut

Which one is better? It depends on which one you prefer actually. People will think cross cut is more secure because you cannot puzzle it back, but this is non-sense sometime. Cross cut might be better because since it has been cut into small pieces, it will allow you to fill in more in the storage. But as mention, it is all depends on which type you prefer to.

How a shredder looks like from inside? Refer below. The dustbin is right below the shredder part, it can fill in up to 20-30 liter of paper depends on the size of machine. If you have a lot to shred and lazy to keep throwing the paper, get a large storage. Or else, medium size may be enough.

Shredder machine inner part

Interesting video can found here!


Brand of Shredder Machines that we supply:


V7, V10, Platinum IIPlatinum III, 915CC II, OS2009 II, 3100plus II


Kimi 2600c, Kimi2500c, Kimi 2400C, Kimi 2300C, Kimi 2200c,


Olympia T818, Olympia S-A3000,


Dino Star Strip Cut, Dino C-Deluxe V