KIMI Punch card machine

Time Recorder / Punch Card Machine KIMI KT 9900



KIMI Time Recorder KT-9900

  • Two Colour,Red & Black Colour Printing
  • Max.Print up to 6 columns
  • High Speed/Low Noise
  • Internal Dustproof
  • Punching Speed : 30 Punches/min
  • Auto Shift Function
  • 9 Pin Dot Matrix Printer Head

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Time recorder originally used for employers to determine wages and working hours. Duty time recorder is recording the start and end time, or the fair. Completion of the project or program overall task, it may contain the detail. This information can be used to pay salary.

Time recorder, sometimes called a punch card machine, is an electronic recorder used to control or help companies track employees’ working hours. About electronic recorder is by inserting a paper card or called punch card,

How to use the time recorder? Insert the punch card into the slot on the time recorder. When the punch card in the slot hit the sensor, the machine will be printed on the card’s date and time information. This allows time employee working hours per employee wage arrears official records.

An electronic time records machine is for records and reported the employee working time by card. It is easily for a person who makes calculations for salary with a time card.

For security and safety

Fingerprint software time clock reader is a function of more advanced time and attendance system. Instead of using punch card to identify the user, they rely on a unique user attributes, such as fingerprints. The user will be scanned into the system properties. These systems also attempt to reduce fraud. When combined with access control systems, they can help prevent other types of fraud, such as ghost employees.